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replacing charger plug on mobility scooter

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replacing charger plug on mobility scooter

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I'm trying to repair a friend's mobility scooter.  It needs a new charging socket, which is located behind the driver's feet.  The model is the TGA Super Sport trike (manufacturer's website).  The socket is a XTR, so it is easy to identify which terminals positive, negative & neutral.

Any advice would be welcome.  Do these wires connect directly to the batteries?  It has 2x 12v Lead Acid gel batteries.  It's difficult to find a qualified mechanic locally.

I find the design very antiquated.  I have worked on ebikes before, and they have far simpler electrics.  Batteries are always Lithium Ion; and they have an integrated charger socket & fuse.  Mobility scooters I feel could be user servicable, but aren't.


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    I would guess that the wires are either soldered on, or are crimped to the back of the socket. Not sure if they go direct to batteries. 
    You would need to take it off to check.
    Should not be a hard job and parts are pretty standard.
    Even if they are soldered. I would be tempted to solder a new bit of wire on and then use some connectors to connect to the old wires.

    Personally having the charger brick off the scooter is a better idea. I bought a 2nd one that is installed in the garage and hard wired in to a switched feed. This allows the other one to be taken with us on holiday. And the fear of losing one is less of a issue.
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    Neutrik XLR as in professional audio connector.  Panel mount 3 pole female socket.  e..g. but you may need a 'special' to fit on the panel you have?

    Most scooter circuits inhibit the scooter from motoring when the charger is connected I believe?  Not sure quite how that works, but Page 8 of the instruction manual confirms this for the scooter you name.

    On the same panel as the charger socket are four 'overload cutout' safety fuses - if the XLR socket is missing or damaged has other damage been done?

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