Being messed over by ArgosCard - Home Retail Group [50 points lost on credit score for silly £5]

Let me explain.  The app gives a you a false positive while processing the payment. SO, when you are paying them, you add your card details after choosing the amount you want to pay (I pay whatever is asked for that month) then you click the pay button. After that it shows you a success message that ‘You have paid £xx’ – this is the point most users will switch out of the app – as did I.

 However, this week, I double checked couple of days later to see if this months payment of £5.37 has gone through – To my surprise, it had not and the account showed that it is in arrear along with a late fee of £12 added to the top.


At this point I tried to pay it again and this time with closer attention and realised that after going through the process and realised, after the thank you page the app crashed and showed an error message on screen. I tried again and failed again – However, checking my bank account it shows that they have now billed me twice.

At this point I called up and asked for an explanation and was told that they had an issue with the app last week and agreed to return the late fee and take the second payment towards minimising my balance.

However, I have now received a letter from them saying that the account is still in arrears. I am in the process to write to them and get a formal response with a clarification of the situation.

However, this is the same that happened in February. Due date was 27th and I did pay (or attempted to) pay before that. However, when I double checked again to see if all was okay couple of days later and found out that it has not processed and the pending amount was still £5 – which I then paid immediately on the 1st of March.  Please note – no late fee showed on the account at that point.

However – while trying to pay for the March amount – I now realise that they added a late fee of £12 on the top of what was due.  I did not realise it at that point and just paid none the less.


Only after this months issues, I have checked my credit file and, as feared, that the credit score has gone down by a whooping 50 points for this silly £5 fiasco.


About to buy a house this year and not sure what I can do to get this off my records.


Any suggestions any one?


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    Only after this months issues, I have checked my credit file and, as feared, that the credit score has gone down by a whooping 50 points for this silly £5 fiasco.

    the points on your chosen credit score are just internal marketing and not taken any notice of by lenders.   They look at the raw data and make their own mind up.

    Tell the company that it is showing as a missed payment on your credit report and ask them to correct it as it was not your error.

    And in future, take control of your own finances. Don't use unusual methods of payment which are prone to go wrong.  i.e. either set it that you pay it via your banking app or set it to pay it automatically. Or better still, stop using storecards.   

    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
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