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Fitness during Pandemic

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I've inadvertently discovered "Rucking" whilst doing my outdoor exercise. No its nothing to do with rugby but is military inspired by walking with weight in your backpack. Here's a couple of links if you're interested?
So I've slapped on a pair on ankle weights and loaded 4 bricks into a backpack and went out for my walk.
What other money-saving fitness exploits have you all discovered maybe outside of the usual running, jogging and Joe Wicks classes? :smile:
Projects 2020-
Joint driveway with neighbour (groundwork to be done by myself)
Reduce CC debts, overtime (new job during pandemic), moneysaving and now a 3 year old to pay for and newborn LOL


  • SchoolworkerSchoolworker Forumite
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    The other day when outside with the kids we found a skipping rope in the garden toy box. So I managed to Dona bit of skipping. Not something I would normally do but it was different from just a walk. 
  • KitmanKitman Forumite
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    If you have stairs, walk them several times a day.
    Awesome idea!
  • BananaRepublicBananaRepublic Forumite
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    I skate, as said in a separate thread. 
  • vitaweatvitaweat Forumite
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    In Paris there used to be a rollerblade tour of the city where they closed the roads to allow the skaters through.  That was a lot of fun.
  • josewisejosewise Forumite
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    Push-ups and pull-ups are still able
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  • charlielhydecharlielhyde Forumite
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    I am doing yoga, which is very relaxing...
  • MoneySeeker1MoneySeeker1 Forumite
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    Well I googled as to how far a "reasonably fit" person (not a couch potato and not a superfit person) should expect to be able to walk in a day and it seems to boil down to 5-7 miles. That's a distance that pretty much equates to 2 hours walking and so I've used Googlemaps to work out what locations there are out in a circle from my house that come to around 2.5-3 miles and figure on aiming for a 2 hour or so walk daily. Don't always manage it - but I'm conscious that I'm missing out on the exercise involved in my "regular" activities at the moment and it does feel like a little bit of weight has crept back on - though I still had a little bit of weight left to lose.

    So - needs must and I don't want my muscles turning to jelly whilst I wait for life to get Back to Normal.

  • chucknorrischucknorris Forumite
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    I have just increased what I was always doing, walking, running, cycling and weight training. 
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    I've started running again, after several injuries had forced me to stop
  • GreattaSGreattaS Forumite
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    I started looking for training videos and I liked some of these videos. I'm learning to dance with the help of online lessons.
  • TomokoAdhamiTomokoAdhami Forumite
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    Rucking is a new thing for me. Thanks for sharing but I have few questions. I noticed in rucking your back bear the entire weight so do you think fat from other parts of the body could be melted? Actually, when I was in school and holding my bag on back, my back was the thinnest part of the body. That's why this thing came into mind. 
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