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MSE Poll: How much are your typical monthly bills?

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  • Indout96Indout96 Forumite
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    The largest proportion of that group of bills for most people, is Council Tax . For instance its 65 % of mine! And its gone up by 4.9%, like most households this year. So I imagine most people's bills in this group will have gone up regardless of covid 19
    Our council tax went up £15 / month but our Gas/Electric went down £20 / month as we moved supplier. We are both still working so no changes to amount of Gas / Electric used, only change is I cancelled Amazon Prime and started Netfix so that went up £1
    total saved £4 / month but I answered remained the same as I don't feel that is enough to sway the results.
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  • Oasis1Oasis1 Forumite
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    Say you live with housemates, is this the bills per person, or as a household?

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    MisterMotivatedMisterMotivated Forumite
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    Broadband - before, £0, after, £25
    council tax - before, £0, after, £87
    electricity, gas - before, £0, after, £42
    home phone - before, £0, after, £0
    mobile phone, before, £11, after, £11
    TV (licence and subscriptions), before, £0, after, £26
    streaming services, before, £0, after, £0
    water, before, £0, after, £0
    As I was living with family between moves, but have now bought another house, my answers are largely meaningless.
  • JES_F1JES_F1 Forumite
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    As others have said, I'd expect all mine to pretty much stay the same.  Council tax increased anyway.  Electricity will probably go up a bit but won't know about that for a while. Food bill is bigger but probably balances out with what I would have spent on lunch at work and meals out.
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  • itinerantitinerant Forumite
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    How about service/maintenance charges for those of us who have a leasehold flat? Those surely belong to the bills category. 

    It's an interesting poll, it looks like my bills amount, with service charges included, is at £370, which corresponds to the most common/modal range (£300-400) in my category of single parents with kids. However this amount doesn't include various insurances e.g. home insurance and mortgage insurance which for me are essential bills. Those take me to £430, which is the next band up. 
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