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COVID19 Travel vouchers

If you accept travel vouchers in leiu of a flight refund, would these be invalid if an airline goes bust?


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    My understanding, if an airline, then YES. You would then need to fall back to credit card s75 protection or travel insurance if your policy has the appropriate SAFI cover.

    If an ABTA travel firm or ATOL protected, there are certain limited protections set up to protect your funds if you accept a credit note. 

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  • Hi Jay.  From what I know about airlines going into admin there is no one answer to your query.   Seems to depend on lots of factors like who you booked it through, if they were ATOL protected, or if anyone else is willing to taking over?   Not a lot of help I am afraid.  Fingers crossed it won't come to that.   Others may know more about it but with the travel industry in such upheaval all round I don't think anybody knows anything for sure.  Good luck
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    I also wondered this.
    And, does a £5k voucher mean you have to buy a £5k holiday or 2 smaller holidays say?
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    louby40 said:
    I also wondered this.
    And, does a £5k voucher mean you have to buy a £5k holiday or 2 smaller holidays say?
    Obviously this will differ by company but the common sense approach would be that if you had a £5k credit and then spent £4.5k on a holiday, you still have £500 credit remaining.
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