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Foiling Issues

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belastabelasta Forumite
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I need a bit of advice if anyone might know.

i am trying my hand at foiling a card insert.
i bought a laser jet printer recently new and I have various makes of foil, from unbranded eBay foils to We are memory keepers.

when laminated to transfer the foil, the lettering is great but on the blank page is covered in the foil too.

i originally thought it was stray toner so cleaned this out but it’s fine the same.

i decided to foil a blank piece of paper which hasn’t been near the printer and of course, it’s foiled the paper.

any foilers out there who have experienced this before and might have tips on what I might be doing wrong?
ive tried cold lamination up to 125mic  so unsure if it could be a laminator problem or maybe all the foils I own might not be the best.

testing this out before I consider buying a Minc and maybe one day I can afford a cricut 😂
:pGetting married in 2017

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  • belastabelasta Forumite
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    Also forgot to say, tried on paper card and vellum and same issue
    :pGetting married in 2017

    Wins of 2016: Hotel Overnight Stay, 2 Cinema tickets...
  • craftingmadcraftingmad Forumite
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    It could be that you need to wipe it with an antistatic bag over the areas you don't want to foil?
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    I've tried hot foiling but had similar issues although mine also didn't adhere to all the toner either so there were black specks on what should have been gold letters and it just didn't look great. I tried various methods and some came out better than others but I could never get good consistency. I didn't use a laminating machine as had another method of applying heat which has been considered better than a laminator so my answer to your question may be completely inaccurate. It could either be the laminator pressure or temp. Alternatively it could be the printer roller. When you say blank page has foiled areas are you sure that the blank page is actually blank and there hasn't been a ghosting from your printed words that has followed down the page. It could be that light it can't be seen clearly but the foil will adhere to any kind of toner shade. If your 100% sure there is no other toner on the page apart from the actual printed text then rule out the printer and it has to be the laminator.

    It has been said that whilst cheap laminators work they are be no means what professionals use. You might have to upgrade to be a better unit more suited for foiling. Laminators are normally for use with paper although higher spec ones accept card. 
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