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didgeridoooodidgeridoooo Forumite
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Could someone please advise me how to unsubscribe form a thread so I dont get email alerts (or just unsub fully)?
I have spent half an hour searching all the options, profile links, bookmarks (whatever they are!) and so on, can't find a list of subscribed threads like before.
Also, the emails which come in when followed threads have new posts - they have no links to unsubscribe in them, nor even guidance on how to "stop these emails", as is customary and perhaps legally required under DPA and/or GDPR. I am quite surprised by this. There should be a one click unsubscribe link. Not too impressed with that, for such a large site and so focussed on consumer rights :)


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    joansgirljoansgirl Forumite
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    edited 4 April at 6:37AM
    Click or tap your profile pic, top right of screen.
    Select "Edit Profile"
    On the left hand side of the screen select Notification Preferences.
    A list of your preferences will appear that you can change to suit.

    Also, to stop notifications for individual threads appearing in the notification box (top right of screen, first icon, looks like a bell) find the specific thread but don't click on it. Next to the thread title on the left is a flag icon. If that is coloured the greeny blue colour you have notifications switched on for it. Just click the flag so it turns white to turn them off.
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  • thingamaBobthingamaBob Forumite
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    And/or, while you are actually in a thread you want to Unbookmark (Bookmark is the new Subscribe), at the top left of the page there is a blue Unbookmark button, just click it so it then reads Bookmark.
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