Furlough 'offered' after relocation redundancy

Made redundant from a large organisation due to company relocation on the 6th March and my redundancy payment and payment in lieu of notice paid on 25th March.  The company has contacted me yesterday (2nd April) to ask if I wanted to be put on furlough.  Don't know why they have 'offered' this as I wasn't made redundant due to Covid-19.  Is this something I should consider or is this only to benefit my former employer, as I don't understand why they would offer this out of the blue ?


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    Perhaps they're trying to help you? 
    Having said that I would be sceptical as well.
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    Lot's to think about there.
    It sounds like admin hassle with no real benefit to them, but it's potentially an income for you if you need it.
    I'm not sure, but if they do this wouldn't they have to 'unwind' the redundancy and therefore would you have to pay back any redundancy payment you've got  (I guess that could help their cashflow) ?
    I'd be a bit wary of them potentially changing your T&Cs when they take you back on and sign you up to furlough, in case you then potentially end up on a worse redundancy deal down the line.  
    Would you see yourself continuing to work for them post-COVID?
    Were you happy to leave with the package they gave you ?
    Do you have / were you looking for another job to go to ?

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    Thanks for the replies and yes I'm feeling very sceptical.  This just feels like trying to get me to sign up after the event for something that will benefit the company and not me.  I'm happy with my redundancy payment and post-Covid will have another job to go to.  There is no way they would want me to work for the company after Covid so this feels like some sort of accountancy manipulation of the Govt furlough 80% payment scheme on their part that requires my agreement to complete the 'paperwork'.
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