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    The TRAFFIC has gone, LONG QUEUES are gone.FUEL is affordable, BILLS extended.KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES, PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN.FAST FOOD replaced by HOME COOKED MEALS, hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS.The AIR seems CLEANER, the WORLD QUIETER.PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH again.We all now Appreciate our AMAZING NHS & it’s fantastic team...Bin men are appreciated..Gas , Water , Electricity workers ..Local care workers are incredible ..TEACHERS - we now appreciate what you do!!!!Shop workers are now our Super Hero’s...Cleaners - what can we say...Bus drivers, train drivers, lorry driversyou are the BEST....Local communities are working together to help each otherMONEY doesn't seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore. Toilet rolls are now currencyAnd WE now have TIME, finally, to STOP and SMELL the ROSES.It seems like this COVID-19 is a RESET BUTTON for HUMANITY!!!
Time pretending I was asleep whilst under his desk , has given me insight to this sordid world


  • FreeBearFreeBear Forumite
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    twhitehousescat said: LONG QUEUES are gone.
    Where have you been hiding. Where ever you go, there are queues where there were never any in the past... Spent a total of four, yes four hours outside the chemist to pick up a repeat prescription.
    Had to queue outside Lidl before I could get in to get (half) the stuff someone had asked me to pick up...
    Her courage will change the world.

    Treasure the moments that you have. Savour them for as long as you can for they will never come back again.
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    MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    Queues at our local Waitrose are long but the friendliness of the people makes up for it.  I have queued twice and picked a day when the sun was shining.  Nearest Tesco, Lidl, Morrison’s are over 14 miles return so we are not going there until it’s over.  

    I queued up for about 15 minutes outside Boots but we are a small market town, that probably makes a difference.

    One of the many groups that have been set up to help older/vulnerable people who are not going out are collecting prescriptions for people.  They phone ahead to Boots (or a.n.other pharmacy) to let them know who they are collecting for to make sure it’s ready.  It makes a huge difference to the staff and cuts down the queues.  
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    We don’t  live far from a helicopter factory. I sort of miss the sounds of helicopters overhead.  
  • ladyhollyladyholly Forumite
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    Our wonderful NHS staff are, rightly being offered all kinds of freebies, special shopping times, meals delivered etc but and this is a big but the carers who work in care/nursing homes and do domicillary care are being offered very little and in many cases nothing. They too are working hard, dealing with service users who are very ill and dying . In this area quite often with minimal PPE. They are paid far less than nurses. One company in this area has support workers  on £1000 less pa than an HSA  with less than one years experience working for the NHS and they are one of the better paying companies.  Please if you are thinking of offering anything to the NHS also rember the care staff. You or your family may need them one day.
  • milkyeyemilkyeye Forumite
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    I used to think when I graduate from university, then I could do whatever I want. Now just endless wandering on the internet and communicating with others on different forums and communities. 
  • Serena03Serena03 Forumite
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    life is so ironic
    It takes sadness to know happiness
    noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.
    'Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about';):)
  • PurseraierPurseraier Forumite
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    This is really a lesson learned for the humanity. Stay home and save lives.
    After all of this, I need to get some best mattress My bed needs badly need a renovation now.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I felt sad looking at the pictures of people who had flocked to the beaches and parks yesterday.  It was if the virus didn’t exist.  When something like this happened in Australia they closed the beaches.  Can’t see our government/councils doing that.

    i had a fleeting thought yesterday about going to Weymouth, it’s about 25 miles. I soon came to my senses.  We went shopping instead.  Aldi and Lidl were deserted, Waitrose had a long queue.  There is a moral there, when I’ve fathomed it out I will let you know.  
  • Steve_PL_tooSteve_PL_too Forumite
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    Though some of us older folk would love to break out to the beach in a show in of civil disobedience ... I’m afraid we’re well and truly stuck until the public loos are reopened!!
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