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My company payrolls my benefits. This means that they tax my benefits through my wages rather than needing it to be done through my tax code. So this means my taxable salary is inflated and I no longer get a  P11D.

The Student Finance online form requires:
  • Gross income from salary and wages (information on your P60)
  • Total taxable benefits in kind (benefits you were given by your employer — such as a company car or private medical insurance . .  you’ll have either a P11D)
The only value from my P60 is "Total (pay) for the year" - which is the inflated number including the BIK values, and I have no P11D!
So, what values do I put into the boxes ?
  • Gross income from salary and wages
  • Total taxable benefits in kind
Any advice gratefully received


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    I'm similar - I just put my P60 figure and nothing in the taxable benefits bit because they're already included in the P60 figure. For stuff like tax credits you're supposed to separate them out as not all taxable benefits count, but for student finance I think all taxable benefits count so it doesn't matter. That's my understanding anyway and they've not queried it - they do get info from HMRC to cross check and haven't complained.
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