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Bereavement support in current crisis

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Bereavement support in current crisis

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PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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How can how can we support a self isolating friend who has just lost her husband from Coronavirus?  We are currently self isolating ourselves under Government guidance so can't visit and certainly won't be allowed  to attend any funeral.  This is such a difficult and uncertain time for the bereaved.


  • k3lvck3lvc Forumite
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    Skype, Facetime for your discussions. For external assistance I've just finished a course of counselling from CRUSE and they were talking about remote (phone or Skype)  sessions if we'd continued
  • 74jax74jax Forumite
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    I am not saying I'm the same as your friend, but I am self isolating and my mam is currently in hospital with COVID19 and near the end.... I'm self isolating as I was with her just before she tested positive.

    I would say call first, but if they don't pick up, drop a message, it may be that at the point you called they didn't able to pick up the phone.  Is you friend self isolating due to being with her husband?  are children involved or is your friend completely alone? 

    Can you arrange somehow to have food delivered and left on the doorstep, send a card, maybe a small something from somewhere that is still posting.

    I've been told the funeral wont be for some time, and if I was still isolating they would certainly wait for me to be able to attend.  I have been 5 people at the funeral so please don't feel bad at all you can't attend.  These are horrendous times.  You could always offer to help arrange a celebration of life get together when this is over (this is what we plan on doing).

    I'm self isolating alone, so i don't have a hug or anything from someone, so I think it would be nice is you spoke with your friend and stressed through not there in person my word you are there in spirit.  

    Online you can find lots of bereavement support, BUT you have to look for it, at a time when your friend may not want too.  

    I'm really sorry your friend is in this situation, and other than the above I can't really offer anything else, except deepest sympathies.
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