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Baxi solo boiler pump Problerms

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Baxi solo boiler pump Problerms

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Rooney01Rooney01 Forumite
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hi someone can help pls I’ve got baxi solo boiler tank system the pump will come on for 3 seconds then go off but power still stays on ? 


  • jefaz07jefaz07 Forumite
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    Power stays onto the pump? 
    If it’s got power and it’s not spinning then it will need replaced. Easy job...providing you have pump valves on that work! 
  • Rooney01Rooney01 Forumite
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    Tks mate which pump you recommended to buy same one alpha 2 L 15-60 130 ? 
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    matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    edited 29 March at 2:23PM
    It's usually easier to replace like with like and ensure that any settings are matched with the existing one otherwise you could end up with flow problems - not enough or too much and noisy pipework. If it's connectorised then it's gonna be a lot easier to just unplug the old one and plug in the new rather than a possible wiring mod.
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    harrys66harrys66 Forumite
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    i have one of these systems, one thing I would be carefull of is assuming the pump is faulty, I would get someone to test by wiring it direct, and see if it still switches off after 3 mins first before changing, it could be other things like....
    1) problem with the controller unit
    2) airpockets/sludge in system, these garvity fed vented systems (I assuming it is) are easily emptied and refilled
    3) issue with boiler sending the off signal to the system
    I'd also check for sludge buildup in the smaller tank in the loft which ill be feeding the central heating system
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