furlough - getting called back?

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I got placed on Furlough this week for 3 months. Although disappointed I'm ok with it. My company seems a bit of a mess and is panicking. They don't seem to know what  they are doing. There is talk of potentially being asked to come back in a few weeks/months if things improve. Where do I stand with this, as this doesn't sit well as just feeling completely used and they they are playing the scheme. Can I refuse and still get the 3 months Furlough? 


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    If you refuse to go back to work, expect to be dismissed or at least to face disciplinary action.

    It's not designed to give people a holiday, but to protect jobs.  

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    If you refuse to go back to work, expect to be dismissed or at least to face disciplinary action.

    It's not designed to give people a holiday, but to protect jobs.  

    Sounds like it's more an unease over the employer gaming the system than wanting a holiday.

    OP, if they flout the rules it's their problem. You're not doing anything wrong by working as requested and being paid as such. You;ll be paid by your employer in any case; pay for furlough leave is paid to your employer based on what they claim. It is not paid from the government to you.
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  • Going back in a few weeks or months if things improve is what being furloughed means.
    If you find another job before they want you back you can, of course, resign.

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    Furlough must last for a minimum of three weeks I belief
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    They may be panicking but I think you’re being harsh on your employer. Likely they are trying to maintain the business as best as possible whilst dealing with multiple issues and many of those unknowns.

    Most furlough agreements will include the ability to call back employees back. Redmalc is right that each furloughed employee must be off for three weeks where they can’t do any work but could do training. After that there may be some flexibility i.e. calling an employee back to work a week or two if they’re needed, before furloughing again potentially.

    Company won’t get a payment from the government for periods you’re working so they are not getting an advantage, just trying to keep a business existing so they can employ you later. This is not “playing the scheme”, this is exactly how the government want it to work so taxpayers aren’t paying wages when the company can be in a position to do so where working conditions are safe. 

    What do you think should happen if in two months all restrictions are lifted as they have testing or a vaccine (hypothetical). Would you still expect a month at home being paid not to work?

    Are they keeping you on full salary or reducing it down to 80%?
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