Best or such thing as low use current accounts?

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I am so mad :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: with my current bank, that I am closing it down and going else where :p . Fed up with queues in branch, stupid telephone banking etc etc etc!

However - It's just my account, so not a big amount of money in and out. Child benefit and stuff from ebay goes in, mag subscriptions and treats come out.

I need an account with a debit card, and would like a cheque book to pay credit card occassionally!!! Cheque book NOT essential, debit card IS! Happy to have an online account or a branch account.

I've been looking, but most say you need to put in £500 per month - so do i need a saver account or what do you suggest?

I want to act quickly, because I am sick of morons getting away with bad customer service - (but that's another story all on it's own!:rotfl: )

Thanks so much for your help.



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