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Averren Energy & Global Market Trend scam

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Averren Energy & Global Market Trend scam

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Has anyone else been scammed by this fake wind energy investment? I am now being phoned by people claiming to be able to get some of my money back, supposedly appointed by the Insolvency Service, and was told about an investor group of people affected, which I can't find on the internet. Another wind energy scam was sold by Jannssen Christian, also fake. As a warning to others do not buy any investments without speaking to an expert or Financial Advisor to check them out for you, scammers are incredibly sophisticated and good at what they do. A related scam is then later on trying to persuade you to pay a fee to get your money back, a double scam.


  • morphdwhmorphdwh Forumite
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    Yes indeed. I invested £15000 at the end of January 2020 and  in hindsight, as my bank later advised, it  would appear to have been  a pyramid or "ponzi" scam  with new investors paying off existing investors.  Averren is supposedly now in Voluntary Administration. Moreover a firm called Asset Recovery Consultants later contacted me allegedly at the behest of the Official Receiver offering to  recover my investment plus interest but I had to pay up front a series of bond release and early redemption fees and a fee to have my bond certificate reissued  due to a missing  bond number plus an indemnity  fee  for any failed recovery in order to secure  my refund which has  not yet happened and probably never will
      as I have stalled at the 

     They have presented:
    A screenshot of a bank account in my name held at SAIB [Saudi Arabia Investment Bank]
    A letter from the Official Receiver  Michael O'Reilly   on the Insolvency Dept letterhead threatening to send enforcement  for unpaid fees  with massive penalties if I don't pay up immediately.

    Also using  weird  bank accounts in the name of Dolemir R, .Sterling B  and Ojo Rec which my bank have flagged up  for connection to fraud.
    I have contacted Asset Recovery Consultants  on their phone number which appears to be a genuine long established company per Companies House but  can only leave messages  at Reception for a later call back from Private or Unknown  number. Their   representative sound very plausible  and friendly on the phone and have a reasonable at first hand excuse  which is hard to prove otherwise for any suspicions I have. But  they are  always chasing for  payment  which has to be made at  great urgency or the fees  and charges will increase dramatically and they do. Sometimes when I express inability to pay they miraculously come back with a more affordable but still costly sum
    So I have lost  well over £12000 in fees plus my original investment [partly refunded by my own bank after their won fraud investigation but once I took a step back and considered the facts rather than my hopes of  getting my investment and fees  back  there are just too many inconsistencies and alarm bells to continue.

    1. Particularly the use of anonymous third party bank accounts for  transfers.
    2. The Official Receive  should never  instruct a 3rd party to  assist in recovery
    3. As I understand  [TBC] Bond holders have little or no greater  preference over shareholders to recover  bond monies during administration..
    4. I cannot  find any registration for Michael O'Reilly as a licence Insolvency Practitioner although he claims he does not  need to be as he is only a freelancer working for the Official Receiver 
    5. The use of a bitcoin account to avoid  further using  these mentioned anonymous bank accounts which the bank will  almost certainty block payment from now that they are flagged.
    6. No advance fees  of any kind should be requested. 

    So yes I am the  naïve victim of  a double or even triple scam as there was an earlier recovery  agent called Financial Logistic Solutions who vanished off the scene and were almost immediately  replaced  by ARC who called me out of the blue to say they were the new recovery agent.
  • Richie1goRichie1go Forumite
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    Hi, I am sorry to hear your tale of woe. I was also contacted by Financial Logistic Solutions who are registered at Companies House, but I did not respond to the promises of recovery, as I think it was then I knew I had been scammed, as only registered Official Receivers can act in insolvency or administration, which they are not. I don't believe Averren Energy actually existed beyond the website, the investment was a boiler room scam from the start, I was sold it by GMT Synvestment agents, also with a website, based in Singapore, using Standard Chartered Bank, GMT seemed very professional. I find it incredible that fraudsters can set up bank accounts and then not be tracked down, perhaps they use fake ID's too, with no recourse for victims of fraud.  Basically anyone who calls you about investments should be avoided. Fraud and scams are widespread and seem to go unpunished, including Lendy, Allansons Mortgage Litigation scheme, and Jannssen Christiann, to name others.
  • Sorcerer2018Sorcerer2018 Forumite
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    I think it's always very important if people do get caught in these scams, not to keep it yourself and tell others to family members or even here is fine. The more people know about these sort of things the more they can protect themselves from scams.
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