Free English, Maths and Science online resources

Tweet from @ThisIsCentury: Families & schools can now access FREE online English, Maths & Science resources during school closure.

They're aligned to the national curriculum & powered by the world’s leading AI learning platform.

It's really good compared to everything else on the market. It would usually be £49 a year but it's free for the essentials package and is available for years 3-11. 

Unfortunately I'm not able to post links. It's usually only available to schools but they have been kind enough to work lots of nights in the last few days to roll it out. There will be a few glitches I've noticed a few but overall it's by far the best package that I've ever come across and we have tried them all with our child.

You can either go to the Twitter account by searching for it or go to their website which is century dot tech. 


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    If I've posted this in the wrong forum please feel free to move it to the right forum section as I was not sure where it should be posted.
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    It might be free, but it says:
    While the Essential courses are free for all affected by coronavirus, you will need to enter your card details to sign up. You will not be charged.

    It then has VERY long list of T&Cs...

    If it is free, then why take card details??
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    Found this thread after being asked to print spelling lists sent from their kids school. The images they sent had coloured backgrounds which would be difficult to read when printed on my tired mono printer. I've found this which gives the same spelling list in a far more printer friendly format. Your print programme should allow you to select pages by number to avoid printing all pages.
    I've got more to do which still have background colour. I might ask on the techie board if its possible to remove the background colour and just keep the text.
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