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Coronavirus and Gift cards

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Anyone with any comments or info regarding this?

Just been trying to find out if there is any extension beig given to gift card time validity owing tbe situation that it is very unlikely that one can now be used within the standard validity period. At the very least if would be difficult, not desirable or downright stupid to attent events till further notice.

I have a Ticketmaster Gift card. There is nothing on their web site (regarding cards, just bookings), nothing in their Coronavirus section, online help (for cards!)is useless as you need to enter a specific event (that is not or cannot be booked), card tel contact number costs the caller plus the representative cannot help -given another number to call (free) 03333 219999 but that is just a recorded message with no card info, nothing else on the website, no email contact address..... in short zilch!

I know it is early days yet for the virus, could go on for many a month,  no doubt lots of other enquiries regarding booking cancellations and some employees not at work.......but it needs addressing!!!!

Any other experiences in general and ticketmaster in particular regarding gift card validity?


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    A lot of small businesses around us, e.g. cafes, beauty salons are encouraging people to buy gift cards with an open-ended date to help their cash flow while they are closed, and they did sell a lot for Mother's Day. However, it is entirely up to the business whether they choose to do that, don't know about Ticketmaster but they are not well known for their generosity.
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