Accommodation during COVID-19

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Accommodation during COVID-19

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TomWalesTomWales Forumite
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I am a first year student, and have now travelled home for the rest of the academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
I have informed the accommodation office that the room is now empty, and clean. This being said, they’re still refusing to stop the last payment for the accommodation term during+after the Easter break. 

Is there anything I can do to reduce, or stop the payment. It’s a substantial amount. Something else worth noting, is that the licence states that a platinum gym membership worth £300 is included. This gym has since shut due to COVID. Is there anything I can do to get a refund on the membership?



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    need_an_answerneed_an_answer Forumite
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    You should be getting a student loan payment towards the beginning of April,you will probably now be best using some or all of this payment towards the rental payment that is due....hopefully now that you are back home your outgoings that may have been supported by the student loan payment may be reduced,by eating with the family etc
    When you started your tenancy you will have signed a tenancy agreement,you will need to read this to see if there is any exit/break clause,although knowing student agreements I would expect the tenancy to be of a fixed term for a set amount of weeks between sept-june or thereabouts.
    You are not the only student in this situation I  as a parent have a student arriving home this weekend and like you face a substantial bill for accommodation that possibly now wont be used for the rest of the academic year.

    With regard to the gym membership you may find they are willing to refund the unused portion because the gym has closed although this would be possibly done as a result of a good will gesture and probably pro rata so you would at best only get the unused full months back.Again check your tenancy agreement and general terms and conditions about the possibility of the gym being closed.
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  • silvercarsilvercar Forumite, Board Guide
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    Phone the gym and find out what arrangement they are making for their normal members, then contact the accommodation people and ask for the same.
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  • colinhendriecolinhendrie Forumite
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    My son is in the same position with regard to halls of residence and not refunding cancelling or reducing rent.  Disgraceful as they are actually making a profit out of covid-19 as there will be a massive reduction in water and electricity useage so their costs will go down.  We need to fight this.
  • beewismerbeewismer Forumite
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    My daughter goes to Manchester University.  They are not charging for accommodation beyond 21st March if rooms are vacated and keys handed back.  If they can do this, so should all other universities.
  • OzilOzil Forumite
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    So if students don't have to pay rent for accommodation will they still receive their final maintenance payment for this academic year?
  • olgadapolgaolgadapolga Forumite
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    Ozil said:
    So if students don't have to pay rent for accommodation will they still receive their final maintenance payment for this academic year?
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