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Item Made to Order taking too long

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Item Made to Order taking too long

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flooz-ieflooz-ie Forumite
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Hi, if I've placed an order, paid & sent off the necessary bits to a company who is going to make a personal item for me within their quoted timescale of 16-20 weeks but I haven't received the item within this timescale, what rights do I have on a refund?


  • brisbris Forumite
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    You need to send them a time is of the essence letter giving them a further reasonable timescale to complete the order or you can cancel the contract. Quoted timescale is an estimate so you can't hold them to that just yet.
  • Hermione_GrangerHermione_Granger Forumite
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    bris said:
     Quoted timescale is an estimate so you can't hold them to that just yet.
    Without knowing what the terms and conditions of the order were, how can you possibly know if the time given was an estimate or a confirmed completion time?
  • DoaMDoaM Forumite
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    16 to 20 weeks is a span of 4 weeks ... so on face value it is an estimate. But you're right ... the T&Cs may state 20 weeks maximum.
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