Pip Tribunal Won

I recently won my pip tribunal, getting standard rate daily living. I understand this is backdated to the date of my claim. 
I am also on income support, which I believe I am also entitled to a disability premium for? 
Does anyone know if this also gets backdated to the date of my original pip claim? 


  •  It does unless you were transferring from DLA to PIP?
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    no I wasnt, this was a new pip application

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    Single person disability premium is £34.35 per week. Couples rate is £48.95 per week.

    If you live alone (no other adults over the age of 18) or you're classed as living alone. If you live with a partner then your partner must also be claiming a qualifying benefit such as PIP daily living or DLA mid/high rate care then you'll qualify for the Severe Disability Premium (SDP) Providing no one claims carers allowance of the carers element of universal Credit for looking after you. This pays £65.85 per week (single person) £131.70 (couples rate). It can also be backdated to the start of your PIP award providing all the criteria applied at the time. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/severe-disability-premium Once your PIP award is in payment to claim this you need to ring Income Support and ask to claim the SDP over the phone.

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