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Vaguely remember filling out some forms online a long time back. Gladstone Brookes have been in touch as have Allay. I honestly can't remeber who I went with but GB have said there is a delay and Allay say they have a large payout for me. Allay's letter vague. I assume any company would take their fee from the refund for PPI. They seem to want me to pay their fee upfront. Smells fishy to me!


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    You have to pay any claim company bills yourself as they will not be deducted from the refund because it is awarded to you personally. 

    The Claim company receive no refund on your behalf, they just represent you in your complaint. 
    If you complain and are successful therefore, you receive the entire refund without any prior deduction for the Claim Company...

    The Claim Company will be sent a copy of any redress letters you receive from the bank(s) and will then bill you accordingly.

    I think you should read again the letter you have received. Is Allay perhaps inviting you to complain (with the promise of a "large payout") because they don't realise that you have used the other firm?

    Bluntly, it's really not very wise that you kept no record of the Claim Firm you used...
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