Reclaiming tax paid on joint PPI payment now my husband has died.

Can anyone help me with my PPI tax reclaim please.   In  February 2018 we had a £2557.97  payment for a PPI claim on a loan taken out some years ago.  A £306.23 deduction was taken for tax.   My husband died in August that year.    It wasn’t until recently I felt I could start to  reclaim the tax    How can I do this (the tax is only shown as a total deduction although we both had to sign to get the payment)?   Do I reclaim the whole amount? Or does it have to be split, if so how do I know what that split would be.    


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    It is has to be split 50:50.

    As it was paid before he died you can claim back for your late husband (and for yourself).

    You need to complete a form R40 for each of you (unless you (or he) needed to complete Self Assessment returns for that year).
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