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Historic bank charges

Hello forum friends 
I have been with barclays for around 30 years & remember being charged  £35 for going overdrawn & £12 for administration fee's happening quite often . This was around the late ninety's , anybody claimed from that far back ?


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    Since the 2009 high court case was won, bank charges have not been somehow "reclaimable" at all. So on what basis would you hope to "claim" these ancient charges? 

    Only if you are in the bank's definition of current Financial Hardship will the bank even consider refunding some (recent) charges and, even then, refunds are only one of a range of options available to them. The bank are under no obligation to refund at all and might instead choose to suspend interest on current borrowing for example. 

    If you are not in the aforementioned Financial Hardship you can forget all about any refunds of bank charges. 

    You also need to realise that, whatever your current circumstance,  you won't ever receive a refund of historical charges from two decades ago.
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    They did, but they did it before 2009.
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