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cancelled room with BOOKING.COM still got charged

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cancelled room with BOOKING.COM still got charged

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kenp3_2kenp3_2 Forumite
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We reserved  a room  via ( on no pay till we stayed.).  the event we booked for was changed from the friday night to the sunday, so (2 months before  arrival )we cancelled fridays room and got one for the sunday and had a cancellation confirmation email from on arrival at hotel they said they have 2 rooms booked in our name 1 for the friday and 1 sat night (where the extra night from have no idea)  PLUS the room for that sunday which we did book. the hotel said they have no cancellation notice and after a day of investigating by them we checked out with the  receptionist saying we only have our 1  sunday stay to pay for (presumed they sorted the err) ... arrive home t check bank and the hotel has taken £167 for the 2 rooms which we didnt have...any suggestions on next course of action .


  • jonesMUFCforeverjonesMUFCforever Forumite
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    Did the hotel offer free cancellation?
    What did Booking,com tell you when you asked them?
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    vacheronvacheron Forumite
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    When I've used I have had e-mail confirmations of both reservations and cancellations. Also when I log in it shows me all bookings including the cancellations, the number of rooms, and the dates for which they were booked.

    What does your dashboard say when you log in on the website rgarding the number of rooms booked?
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  • Okydoky25Okydoky25 Forumite
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    Good luck. I had my account hacked and a dodgy apartment booked which I Cancelled as soon as I saw the email confirmation come through. They still charged me even after I had contacted the Apartments myself and they had agreed to Cancel their end. I ended up doing a charge back from my bank. 
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