Free Client database softwar

I'm a sole trader, small turnover and I'm looking for some way to manage my clients. 
I'm after software for... 
Customer details - Group/ Site/ contact/ phone/ email/ payment terms - normal stuff
A way to mailshot - emails/ post
Diary - Meetings/ next contact
Notes - what we discussed
The above list is from most important to least important function, for example, Customer details is more important that Accounting.
Many thanks


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    Try (Its not free but fairly cheap and all in once place)
    They've got a lot of built in functionality which we find really useful. (Depends on the industry you're in) but on their Chat tools you can manage customer details and notes about customers and issue invoices (They also have features to manage payments if required).

    As for accounting, A lot of sites like Xero and Sage offer invoicing too. It really depends on what you're business is and where your customers are coming from. 

    I've got a bit of experience with all of the above so feel free to inbox if you want anymore assistance 

    If you're looking for something Free you're best to use something like Google for Calander/Contacts and use something like for invoicing
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    Xero will do the job but will cost £30 a month
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    Thanks for the responses people. I didn't get a notification of the responses.
    I'm in the entertainment industry so have a potential massive client database that I need to have regular contact with - email updates, mailshots, etc.
    I'll have a look at what you've mentioned.
    Many thanks
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