Motability scheme double take.

I have a car. I have in the last year become pretty seriously disabled. They have sent me in the post info about the Motability Scheme. I did a double, triple take. It is unbelievably generous.Astonishingly so. As I see it you get a free lease car in exchange for a proportion of PIP, free car tax, free insurance, free breakdown cover. I have a 1 year old car but am thinking why would you not take advantage of such an offer.


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    If it is so generous how do Motability manage to make so much profit ?
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    If you want worry free motoring with a new vehicle then the scheme is brilliant and definitely value for money. I think you also get tyre wear and tear cover. It really is a "just add fuel" scheme.
    They make profit because the manufacturers/insurance companies have great fleet deals with motability. I used to work for one and Motability was one of the biggest fleet customers so got excellent offers from them.
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    As above fleet deals .
    Better deals at varying times on certain models .
    Be aware that choosing XX model may require an initial upfront payment as well as PIP .
    Negative for the users is you pay £70 per week for the car over 3 years . Then either walk away or renew on another car .So no equity if you want to walk away at the end of each lease .
    Insurance . Road Tax   Breakdown Cover all service and repairs including tyres .
    I had my Mother on Motability through four or five cars and for disabled its a huge benefit to living a more normal life .

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    Some of the disadvantages may be,
    :if your disability payments are reduced or stopped, you then will have to return the car.
    :is there a limited mileage allowance? , if so, you may have to restrict you travels
    :if you leave the scheme & try to get insurance on another car, you won't have any no claims bonus. 
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    belfez said:

    :is there a limited mileage allowance? , if so, you may have to restrict you travels

    20,000 miles a year, over 3 year lease it's 60,000 miles. I think that's more than enough.

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    And you haven't even mentioned the £600 reward every 3 years for not wrecking the car. In times of austerity when the NHS is starved of cash, public services are being closed, everyone in the public sector has to control their expenses the government are handing out free brand new cars every 3 years. It's all paid for by taxpayers. There really is no need for it. Cars last much longer than 3 years. Why not hand out free washing machines, fridges, TVs every 3 years? Because things last longer than 3 years! Especially if a car has to be modified.
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