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plastering - 2 bed flat

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fidgetgreenfidgetgreen Forumite
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edited 27 February at 12:06PM in Is This Quote Fair?
Hi, I have to get a plasterer in to do some work on my flat and wanted to know if this quote is fair?

Bedroom 1 - 12 x 9, Reskim walls 
Bedroom 2 - 12 x 9, Reskim walls and ceiling
Living room 13 x 9, Plasterboard and skim ceiling and skim patches around the window
Hallway, reskim ceiling and walls
Kitchen, 18 x 9 , reskim 3 walls, plasterboard one wall, patch and skim ceiling. 
£2700 ex vat



  • extremeshopper28extremeshopper28 Forumite
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    Hi, did you get a response on this or a cheaper quote? Also where do you live as I am looking for similar work. Many thanks!
  • britishboybritishboy Forumite
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    I live in Hertfordshire and have used the same plasterer on my last 3 properties. He charges a pretty standard £300 per room and that includes over boarding ceilings if need be.  He works with his son and they finish a room by mid afternoon.  I swear by him, and think his price is pretty reasonable.  Hope this helps. 
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