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Forces help to buy help

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my boyfriend and I have reserved a house with the reservation deadline being 20th March. We have almost collected everything for our mortgage application.
We will be using the forces help to buy towards our deposit.
My boyfriend is currently away in Kenya until the 18th, back for a few days then is on another course for a few weeks. Just wondering what our first step should be in applying for this and how long this usually takes?

any help or guidance would be massively appreciated!


  • Speedster2Speedster2 Forumite
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    He needs to get in touch with his unit admin staff first thing on Monday. I doubt if they’re deployed to Kenya! Things like this need time to work through the system to be approved. A FHTB application is probably going to take at least a couple of weeks.
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  • cheeky-peachcheeky-peach Forumite
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    From my experience with FHTB, it takes ages. My husband was chasing every day too and had someone pull in a favour as so many people have to sign it off. I would ge the ball rolling ASAP.
  • JustJane101JustJane101 Forumite
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    I was told 6-8 weeks from application. I applied on JPA Thurs 12 March. Workflow notification the next day (But I was on standown). Printed off and actioned monday, got all required signitures by Tuesday morning (Held up by Med Center needing it in internal mail due to Covid-19). Spoke to PSF when I handed it in to them, and she faxed it off that same day to FHTB team down at JPAC (Tuesday 17th). I had a letter through the post on the 19th with my PIN saying I was provisionally accepted subject to further checks, but this allows the mortgage company to continue their checks. Will update you from here when I get anymore news  - if my mortgage is accepted that is!
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