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Hi. I’m currently in the process of applying for a dro. My advisor has said I don’t need to add my mobile contract to it as I am still paying this. But my question is, even tho it’s not including and it’s being paid monthly will o2 cut it? I have read on here of this happening and ppl, they are being cut off anyway and being left having to pay the debt as they didn’t include it in the dro and also left with no contract... any advice would be fab pls 
I hope that made sense?! ^^


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    As far as I'm aware, as long as the account is up-to-date then it shouldn't be cut off. You will probably have issues renewing it when the time comes though.

    A DRO must include all of your debts, so at least if they cut you off and say you owe them the rest of the money for the contract you can inform the OR/IP and have the debt added.
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    If you have a contract phone - if they don't cancel and you keep paying they make the profit they expect. If they cancel they have to write off or recover phone, which is hassle and probably loss making.

    If your sim only - if they don't cancel they keep the money coming in for very little risk (they can always cancel later). If they cancel, no risk but no profit (and no upgrades etc)

    In short its likely the network would lose out by cancelling, so your probably safe. Whether or not they'll want to give you a new contract with an expensive phone that would be another matter
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    I've got an o2 contract, it's sim only and i've had it for 4 months I'm not in debt to o2 and my bill gets paid every month, my DRO was granted on 24th January and I've had no issues, I did ask o2 as a "friend" of someone with a dro and they said as long as the bill is paid every month it won't be affected if o2 aren't a creditor

    I didn't include o2 or Three who provide my broadband on my DRO application and Stepchange said it was fine, and it was accepted by Insolvency Service
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