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Is it a must,that you take a carer/plus one.
Its difficult for me to walk and need seat/area that I feel safe not worrying about,ppl pushing,trying to get through narrow aisles, steps are so agonising, no rails, feeling suffocated when crowd on feet,my balance is something also affected...I need a walking stick and am very slow with walking ,as in so much pain...I've always bought ordinary tickts,which was stupid of me,I put myself in harms way......but I was still trying to be the old me that could manage concerts/theatres, etc. I try and keep out of ppls way,I often stop when big crowds come by as there's no way I would be capable of withstanding the jostling.
  I wondered, sorry it's been long it a must that I have a plus one/carer to book an acessabilty ticket? As ticketmaster said,when I was accepted as a disability customer. That the evidence,etc...they said I qualify as accessibility/ disability, I was therefore accepted.
 I have a Credability Card.
 I am totally new to these,always booked the ordinary seats,until now,and trying to find advice is bamboozling ,most their tone is off with you when you ask about these seats,and heard so many contradictions, it's been horrendous and awful.
 But,they said...'It's not about me getting an accessibility ticket,it's about carer....meaning I can only have a seat if I have a plus one, otherwise they can't help me.And have I tried just sitting in ordinary crowd? That it's not so bad!'. YES, I've been sitting in ordinary seats for yrs,at times I don't know how Ive managed, esp when can stand for one song if lucky,pushing up on walking stick,but need to seat,and in amongs a whole enclosed crowd have been overwhelming, scary....and I'm not able to see concert. Damn,I have only gone this route, because I NEED to. I've been too stubborn to ask for help with the seating I need...if you know me, you know if it comes to point I call about the access area( I don't even know what Im meant to call the actual tickets I need....Accessibility/disability,etc?.
 But,they cant help me if I dont have a plus one...I did have,but she's got a sickly grandson,so I understand doesn't want to go far,and helps with him. I've been going on my own to concerts for a while now....but stadiums/arenas,theatres how over time go to hard to manage, in the ordinary seats are not possible now. I've had to accept it myself,which has been hardest..yep been too hard headed.
  Anyway,I have some mental issues too,but am managing if get out of the mob.
 But,I can't get a seat that I truly require unless I bring a plus one...apparently that's what they wanted ,needed my prove that I have a disability, it was only about my carer. And, on my own they say I am they are not able to give me a seat where I need it.
 I'm so confused, they(and others) have def made it all so hard...and feels pointless.
  My god, the reason I have gone down this route is for me for once. It's me who has disability and needs a seat. 
 So,is that the case, am I unable to get acessabilty seat,as I am booking only for myself? I said,my +one seat, can now be freed up for someone else ,who likes me needs it. I've gone to concerts my whole life(only lately ever on my own.....(so if anyone one wants a concert buddy? lol)'s part of my life, it's part of me...without them,I basically am in house 24/7, so look forward to them,until lately.
  Then,I've seen contradictions, saying, yep...just ask for an accessabile need the room,not lots of big stairs to agonise getting up, feel overwhelmed with the crowd all around...there have been lately,I've just sat down and wished I was at home,that's not something I would ever have done b4, but I need to get where,can see,there's room for my legs, feel relieved to be out of the suffocating crowd....but,I have not been willingly been hepled, I feel very disappointed
 Could some please tell me if I am entitled to book a seat or not? I thought that's what they are there for, ppl who need that help to be able to help those with disabilities to be able to see the concert decently and help those,who need the help.
  Sorry,Ive rambled and at mo not feeling too good,so cant go bk and paragraph this  post. I apologise , and thank you if you've read through it all. I need to be more ya think? lol.
  I am grateful for any info that is given! 
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