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Papa Johns or Dominos

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  • Wanabee2020Wanabee2020 Forumite
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    Im more of a fan of the smaller independent pizza places. There is a food truck that is local to us 1 night a week, and they do a wicked wood fired pizza ... cheaper than the chains and so delicious! #shopsmall
  • Paully28Paully28 Forumite
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    Dominos, but as to the price, look around for discount codes as the last few I have had have been 50% off vouchers. 
  • TripleHTripleH Forumite
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    Dominos was (in my experience) the cheapest option when I lived in Sydney but disagreed with my stomach. Can't say I've had a Papa John pizza. I'd prefer independent outlets myself as well. Will investigate the Gordon Ramsey one as soon as can buy yeast as love homemade 
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  • jon81ukjon81uk Forumite
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    I slightly prefer Dominos, but Papa Johns can be good for a change.
  • rawhammeredrawhammered Forumite
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    50Twuncle said:
    wongataa said:
    50Twuncle said:
    Which provides the best Pizzas and why ?
    Try both and decide which one you prefer.
    I like Papa John's
    Just had one and it tastes better than Domino's
    good to know, thanks
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  • JustAnotherSaverJustAnotherSaver Forumite
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    I know some people poo-poo them both and say a £3 supermarket one is "just as good". Each to their own but i don't agree. Not to say that i think Dominos or PJs are amazing but i think they're better.

    I find Domino's (and Pizza Hut) quite greasy. The flavours are nice enough most of the time but the pizza itself is very greasy.

    Papa John's isn't really as greasy in my experience. The tomato sauce base is better, again in my opinion. Their cookie dough stuff is better than Domino's as it's larger but that's not a pizza so not part of your question.

    I only ever buy if they're on offer as without offers their prices are ridiculous. Even with the offers i have to really really want a pizza because they're still dear.

    But no, for a really 'wow' pizza, i love Bella Italia. I think they've taken it off now but i would get the Pollo Picante. The dough is ridiculously good and the pizza is just not greasy at all. Whenever i finish one i always want another. Can't say the same for Dominos or PJs.

  • Chickendinnerwinner888Chickendinnerwinner888 Forumite
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    Papa johns all the way. Although why not order from each and do a blind test. It's not like we have much to do these days. 
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