Big gas bill from EDF!

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Big gas bill from EDF!

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SarahpuggySarahpuggy Forumite
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Hi all, 
Some help and advice would be great. 
Moved into this house in April 2019, meter reading was given by previous owner on day they moved out. It took us a while to locate the gas meter - it's in the basement and the previous owners left so much stuff down there we couldn't get to it or see it.
We then kept getting bills from EDF addressed to 'The Owner/Occupier', but to 'The Annexe' and then our normal address. There is no annexe..I paid these bills as and when they came (around £680 from April to November) and during this time I must have called EDG 6/7 times to ask them to change the account to our names and give them a reading. Eventually they sorted that bit out, and then we receive a gas bill saying we owe £1602 but that they will deduct the £680 I'd already paid. 

Now it is an old house with high ceilings and we of course expected the heating bill to be higher in a house like this. When we moved in, it had a very old boiler and heating system that we hardly used from April to late June because it looked dangerous to us and we were replacing it soon anyway. In July we ripped that out and replaced it with a brand new boiler and radiators throughout the house. We have had the heating on a timer through winter. The heating is the only thing in the house that uses gas. 

According to EDF based on the reading I gave them in January we have used 41,064 kwh from April to January and our expected annual comsumption around 65,000 kwh. 
I think this sounds like an awful lot, even if we had the heating on all day every day.  It's a Victorian 4 bedroomed semi detached. 
I've just done another reading today and it says it's used 268 units in 36 days. Does that seem about right or to high/low?!

It's an old imperial meter that measures in cubic feet. Could it be faulty? Could there be any other reason why the cost would be this high? 
Thank you I'd appreciate any advice. 


  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    CH usage only? So how do you heat your hot water, if not from the new boiler?
    Does the meter s/n match that on the bill? Do EDF's usage calculations match those from your own readings? You can easily calculate your own usage, you don't need them to work it out. 65K kWh is incredibly high: a large and poorly insulated house with no cavity walls might use 25-30K kWh, but not 65K!
    Your meter is imperial, so is your bill being calculated as a metric or imperial conversion? If your 100 cubic feet units are being billed as cubic meters, then you'd be undercharged, not over.
    Next re-read the meter. The old dial type are very easy to mis-read. Post all your readings over the last 10 months, and a pic of the current reading. Unfortunately, you've really shot yourself in the foot by failing to give an opening read or registering for an account for (?)7 months, because you cannot dispute the closing read given by the vendor now. If they, by accident or design, gave a big under-read, then you'll be paying for it.
    My bet is on a meter misread, but if that checks out OK then you should definitely ask for a meter test without delay.
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    Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    edited 23 February at 12:28AM
    You should have read the meter upon moving in: the previous owner may have submitted a reading that was too low, or it may not have reached the EDF acount.  You seem not to have registered with EDF upon moving in, so you've probably been on a mega-expensive 'deemed' tariff.  You haven't been giving monthly readings, so the usage may be:suspect; do both your own reading and that of the previous owner appear on the bill, or is it an estimate? That's the history, but if it's been an expensive mistake there's probably not much you an do about it now.
    Now for the present: you need to ensure that you are being billed accurately for your own consumption and no-one else's.  Check that the number on the meter is the same as that on the bill.  Turn the boiler off one cold evening, note the reading (or take a photo) and make sure it's exactly the same a few hours later.  Take daily readings, convert them to kWh and note the consumption patterns.
    Now for the future. What tariff are you on, what is the price per kWh and what is the standing charge?  (Far from the cheapest, I bet !)  I'm paying 2.370p per kWh and 17.29p per day.  Time to switch?
    Update:  Hate this new forum, you can't see any new posts before you submit a reply.  I haven't plagiarised macman, just turns out we've raised similar points.  I agree that the contra rotating dials are very easy to misread.  Make sure you always record the digit that the arrow has just passed.  If it's pointing straight at a digit, record that digit but use the one it's just passed if the next dial to the immediate right is showing 9, 8 or 7.
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