Carphone Warehouse: Geek Squad claim

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I started a complaint as I feel I was missold Geek Squad insurance cover on my mobile and I've done this through the Resolver website. Carphone responded via Resolver asking for more information (account No, address at the time, etc) and I've given them everything they need including the reasons why I feel I was missold the policy.

I've now received a letter stating ''I have been unable to complete my investigation into your complaint as I do not have enough information to reach a decision. In order to fully understand your complaint, I will need to speak to you".

Although the letter uses "I" it's not signed and simply ends with "Yours sincerely, Team Knowhow Customer Experience Team". I want any information requested (by Carphone) and supplied (by me) to be on record and not over the phone. What do people think - is this a tactic of theirs? Can I ask what information they want (via Resolver) and say that I'm only prepared to correspond via email so that we're on the record?

Many thanks  :)


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