on Saturday?

Hi all,
I have recently ordered an item via an online seller and I paid an extra £7.28 for DHL Domestic Express delivery, will DHL deliver tomorrow if its dispatched today or will it be delivered on Monday?
Thanks in advance  :)


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    My money is on Monday, Saturday is normally an at extra cost option.
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    Check the online tracking. 

    Ordered an item on Wednesday and expecting it tomorrow (saturday). Received an email
    Thursday 8am saying it was arriving tomorrow meaning Friday. Tracking didn't show it out
    for delivery though. That still shows as delivery on Saturday.

    I trust the tracking more than random possibly autogenerated emails. Unless its a certain
    courier that shows your item is only 3 drops away and then 4 hours later shows sorry we
    missed you, please call to arrange redelivery.

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