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End date comper and the new forum !!!!

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End date comper and the new forum !!!!

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dave1961dave1961 Forumite
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Hi as someone who comps by end date, I am really hating this new forum, and in particular the lack of notification on search results as to whether I have entered a particular competition or not, like we used to have on the old forum. Everything is taking twice as long, as I have to open each comp discussion to see if I have already enter that comp or not, arrrrggghhh!!!!

Rant over !!
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  • c5rylc5ryl Forumite
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    I completely feel your pain. Even doing the search function using different dates brings up the comp numerous times plus doesn’t show if I’ve entered
    Thanks to all those fab compers who post:j:T
  • grinnerlynngrinnerlynn Forumite
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    2 weeks and nothing done, list of to do's i doubt will ever get done
  • GHolmesAdminGHolmesAdmin Forumite
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    If someone had set out to destroy this forum they couldn't have done better than this. 
  • Chyna-sChyna-s Forumite
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    Is it just me or is there no where near as many comps as there used to be.  Going to start using other sites until this is all fixed 
    Bye bye.

    If a competition does not open please bookmark to try again later or open in another OS - please do not bump threads unnecessarily just to say this. Thanks :)
  • Yvette394Yvette394 Forumite
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    I am trying to filter by date I title but most for today dates seem to be in game over?? Where are all the open comps?? Confused and frustrated 🙁🙁
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  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Yvette394 said:
    I am trying to filter by date I title but most for today dates seem to be in game over?? Where are all the open comps?? Confused and frustrated 🙁🙁
    You are advised not to enter on the closing date - competitions may finish anytime during the day and competitions may (very rarely) be moved to game over up to a couple of days early. (set out in the guide)

    "WARNING: If you are entering comps on the day or even the day before they end you run the risk that perhaps the comp has closed a little early & your entry won't be counted. Another thing to bear in mind is that the Board Guides volunteer hours of their time to keep these boards clear & running smoothly so sometimes comps which are ending today or perhaps tomorrow (in rare cases) may be moved to Game Over a little early - this is a task which has to fit around their real lives & also when they have some spare 'online' time.
    : If you really want to only enter comps right when they are ending then I strongly suggest you get a couple of days ahead of yourself to avoid the above. "

    (Also check the search is only for this year and not previous Febs)
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