Not enough in Emergency Fund!

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Not enough in Emergency Fund!

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Started our DF journey in January and as of tomorrow we will have £124.16 in the emergency fund. 

Never, ever before have three appliances decided to stop working within days of each other. But it happen to us and now two are definitely in need of fixing or replacing!!! What a nightmare! 

We are determined to not use a credit card, which is something that we would 100% have done in the past without giving a second thought to paying it off. 

The Dryer. A Hotpoint Condenser that we have had for just 5 years this month. It was recalled twice and both times had parts replaced FOC by Hotpoint. We paid about £250 for it so now I’m debating whether it’s even worth getting someone to come and look at it (warranty ended 3 years ago and would have to pay a call out charge whether fixable or not). 

The Dishwasher. A Bosch that we have also had for five years this month. Paid £321.00 for it. Really expected more than 5 years from Bosch so maybe it’s worth getting someone out?? (We tried everything we can to sort it but obvs not opened it up). 

Both items are luxury appliances so do we go without both until we have enough in the EF to replace? 

Or aim to get someone to look at the Dishwasher and replace Dryer as soon as we can. 

Jan 2020: Loan £3,576.17, Credit Cards £42,401.86, Store Card £1,833.61, Overdrafts £2,300.00. Total Debt: £50,111.64 / 1% = £501.12

Feb 2020 Update: Loan £3,025.99, Credit Cards £40,609.65 Overdrafts £2,300.00. Total Debt: £45,675.64 / 1% = £456.76


  • monetxchangemonetxchange Forumite
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    I’d definitely try to hold out if you can. Maybe the dryer would be to consider getting fixed when you can afford it, especially if you have kids/it gets a lot of use. As for the dishwasher, this really is a luxury and not a necessity at all I’m afraid. Wait till you’re clear to replace that. Look at it on the bright side - cheaper electricity bills! 
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  • sazaccountsazaccount Forumite
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    Maybe have a look and even post on your local facebook pages to see if anyone is getting rid of their older working items. Personally I would want to up the emergency fund before getting these replaced with new as say if something like your hot water/heating broke this would be a high priority to be fixed than handwashing dishes or hanging clothes to dry. 
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    Willing2LearnWilling2Learn Forumite
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    edited 19 February at 10:12PM
    Just an idea for you.  :)

    When I started my DMP, I only had a small EF too, when my washing machine packed in.  I ended up contacting Domestic & General to do the repair.  They fixed the appliance.  I paid for appliance insurance and the initial repair with 12 monthly payments.

    I work within the voluntary sector, supporting vulnerable people to rebuild their lives.

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  • clairebethclairebeth Forumite
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    The other thing to consider is whether your really need these things? I've never owned a dryer, they damage clothes and use a tonne of electricity (therefore expensive to run) and while I DO now have a dishwasher, I lived the first 32 years of my life without one, can't you just use the sink until you have the money to repair it? 
  • Penguin_Penguin_ Forumite
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    I agree with the advice above regarding looking on local Facebook selling pages. When I bought my house 4 years ago, I looked on local pages to see what was about to start me off & I picked up a Fridge Freezer, Washing Machine & Tumble Drier for £125. The Fridge Freezer needed a quick clean but apart from that all was good. Bought with the intention of making them last 2 years or so & then replacing but they are, touch wood, still going strong today.
  • sunflowerladysunflowerlady Forumite
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    Thank you all! I’m really considering not replacing the dryer and looking into a heated airer - it’s just where I would keep it!!! 

    The Dishwasher is a bit more tricky. How do I get my DH to hand wash pots when I can barely get him to load the dishwasher? It’s a bone of contention in our house and with us both working full time and having small children there is no way I want to add any more work to my load! 
    Jan 2020: Loan £3,576.17, Credit Cards £42,401.86, Store Card £1,833.61, Overdrafts £2,300.00. Total Debt: £50,111.64 / 1% = £501.12

    Feb 2020 Update: Loan £3,025.99, Credit Cards £40,609.65 Overdrafts £2,300.00. Total Debt: £45,675.64 / 1% = £456.76
  • rach_krach_k Forumite
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    Have you asked in another section of the forum about the dishwasher?  Some of the error codes are quite simple to fix - I'm not technical at all but have managed to successfully fix my dishwasher a couple of times by opening up the bottom of it.  
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