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Neighbour's tree close to collapsing into our property.

edited 17 February 2020 at 10:36AM in Flood & storms help & information
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edited 17 February 2020 at 10:36AM in Flood & storms help & information
Our Neighbour's house is in a terrible state. He is very old, and takes no care of his property. We have an ongoing complaint regarding a water leak which is his responsibility to sort out. He will not answer his door, so we cannot speak to him.
He has a tall (~30ft) conifer tree in his back garden that has broken through a fence panel and is leaning considerably towards our property. I have real concern that this tree will fall at some point, and based on the current angle, it may fall into our conservatory. We obviously want to take preventative steps, but unsure what action we cant take. Have spoken to the council, and awaiting a call back, but they have said it is unlikely they can do anything due to it being a private property. They are already trying to get him to address the water leak, so not confident anything can be done quickly regarding the tree. Other than trespassing onto his property to bring the tree down (which would involve a tree surgeon who was willing to do this), what else can we do if the neighbour will not sort out the problem?


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