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Car damaged wall

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CarwallCarwall Forumite
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Hi all, 
A stolen car crashed into my neighbours wall damaging it at the start of Jan. Ive got the car reg and believe he may be able to claim through the cars insurance. Do you know if that is true? And if so, would it affect his (or my) future premiums in any way for house or car insurance? Many thanks for your help. 


  • Aylesbury_DuckAylesbury_Duck Forumite
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    Yes, your neighbour can claim from the car owner.  A claim may affect his house insurance, but I doubt it would affect it much.  As for affecting you, it will be part of the general risk assessment any insurer makes of your postcode.  The more accidents and claims there are in a postcode, the more likely it is that insurance costs will rise for everybody there because it will be seen as a higher-risk area.
  • AretnapAretnap Forumite
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    He'll be able to claim from the stolen car's insurance IF the driver at the time was caught or can otherwise be identified.

    If the driver scarpered and cannot be identified then he may be able to put in a MIB claim, but might have to claim on his own home insurance (if he has any) in preference to claiming from the MIB. 

    He will likely hasn't to declare the incident to future home insurers where or not he claims, though of will depend on the exact wording of the question they ask about previous claims or losses. I can't s any reason why it would affect his car insurance or your own insurance of any sort, besides having a small impact on local accident statistics. 
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