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JD Williams charges reclaim advice

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I'm trying to reclaim my nannas charges for her as she is in severe financial hardship.
I've finally received her Subject Access Request from JD Williams after months of trying.
In the administration charges section, it states that there is £404.00 worth of charges charged to date but there not all listed in the history of account section.
Am I still able to try and reclaim the full £404 even though I haven't received the breakdown of all of them? 
Thanks in advance


  • SonOfSonOf Forumite
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    Am I still able to try and reclaim the full £404 even though I haven't received the breakdown of all of them? 
    A financial hardship request gives no right to any figure.  You are totally reliant on their goodwill.  Depending on the current position of the account (i.e. how much in debt it is at this moment) and the degree of hardship, they may refund nothing but suspend future charges or they may refund the last 3-12 months worth.   Only in very extreme rare cases do they tend to look back further.

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    -taff-taff Forumite
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    Reclaming charges from banks went out the window in 2009. Reclaiming charges from anyone else is a potential pie in the sky possibility because JD Williams don't do loans, they do product and they don't have to worry about checking somoeones financial standing to give them things.
    If I were you, I would go to the debt free wannabe board and start reading some threads with SOAs, what happens if you default on debt [ realistically, not a lot unless you want credit or you owe the HMRC] read about budgeting, so you can help her practically
    That' f you haven't already of course.

    I just read your other thread, I hope she didn't take out credit to pay for a funeral did she?
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