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Royal Mail problems?

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I looked at the whole list of subfora but I didn't find one more suitable so I'm hoping here is appropriate.

Has anyone else been having problems with Royal Mail recently? For a few years I'd never had any, until one package from the US a couple of months ago got lost (the other two posted at the same time from the same company arrived fine) which I just thought was a one-off. Now this month, I've had two products from South Wales not turn up - the tracking number for the first one wasn't updating so they sent a replacement First Class, which a week later hasn't arrived yet - and a package from Spain, which would usually arrive within a week, I'm still waiting for almost 3 weeks later.

I wondered if the storm had anything at all to do with this month's problems but on their website they said everywhere had been able to operate as normal, except one flight to Ireland was delayed and the Llanrwst delivery office was flooded (presumably my replacement item from south Wales didn't have to go via there to get to me in the home counties, and even if somehow it did, it wouldn't explain the first one going AWOL anyway).

I'm frankly baffled, because as I said we've not had any problems before! 


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    You're not the only one. Someone has messaged me to say he hasn't received something I posted a week ago that should have been there by now.  Tracking is not showing as updated after posting.

    Similarly, I ordered something with a predicted delivery date of the 14th February and I know it has been posted but it hasn't turned up yet. Just have to wait, I guess.  They must have been affected somewhere along the line by the weather.

    Also, checked their service status page and nothing on there either.
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    An update, in case anyone searching for similar problems comes across this thread: the third item sent from Wales - replacement number 2 - arrived a week after posting via RM24, and I've since had a parcel from the US arrive too (the tracking didn't update after USPS handed it over to customs, until it was delivered) so I'm assuming things are back to normal. I have no idea what happened to the first two from Wales or if I'll ever see the parcel from Spain, but at least I no longer feel like I'm going crazy and can resume buying online.
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