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Brick Lane ISA?

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MargMarg Forumite
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My Other Half saw an advert about this ISA & asked me to look for more information. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for but I do know that there is a wealth of straight forward common sense available on here & I do know not to ask for financial advice per se.
I noticed that there was an old thread about them which had been closed so I thought it best to start again.
Has anyone has any more recent experience of this company?
I would appreciate your comments please.


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    masonicmasonic Forumite
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    edited 13 February at 2:34PM
    Do you understand it is a medium-high risk investment with the possibility you could lose all of the money you invest?
  • bowlhead99bowlhead99 Forumite
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    Do you have any questions about what you read on the older thread? 

    Would your other half understand the risks of this type of investment? The fact that they have asked you to look at it, and you admit you don't really know what you're looking for, certainly adds to the risk of unexpected loss.

    It's a very niche investment that could form a small part of a broader investment portfolio - the sort of thing to look at once you have already got your fill of mainstream investments. Though if your partner put this year's S&S ISA allowance into it they wouldn't also be able to invest in another S&S ISA in this tax year, and the Bricklane ISA can only be used to hold their property REIT and not a broader range of investments from other providers that you might want.  

    So you couldn't put say £1000 in this and £19000 into other S&S ISAs unless you were using two people's allowances or splitting some investment now, some in the next tax year.
  • eskbankereskbanker Forumite
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    As something like this would generally only be suitable if used as a small part of a much broader portfolio, why would anyone use an exclusively property ISA rather than buying property-related investments within a more generic S&S ISA from a more mainstream provider, alongside all the non-property stuff?
  • biscuitbribiscuitbri Forumite
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    I was advised that like Landbay they have connections/partnership with Zoopla.They used to appear on the Zoopla website but don't anymore. The advert I saw was in The Daily Mail Finance supplement where they were stated to be "Trusted partners of Money Mail". Not too sure if that is any recommendation.
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