Gumtree buyers - did not want to leave?

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Gumtree buyers - did not want to leave?

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Hi I been selling my stuff on gumtree.  I had a few offers for items such as dvd player for £5. I been ask by the buyer if he could test I said ok.
I normally don't let them come to my house but to back where my granny anxxue is. So the guy came knocked on my door and I said let go to my anxxue at back to test. We had side entrance which you can use to go to my anxxue. He said it quicker if I let him come through the house. I closed my door and we went to my annxue. He complained about walking through my garden which is like 100ft long to get to the anxxue. Once we got to the anxxue he saw the player and I showed him it working. He started walking around my anxxue looking my other stuff like my gym stuff. He said that is the 50inch plasma TV for sale.  Is the coffee manchine for sale and other stuff in the anxxue. We agreed £5 for dvd player I was going to give the money to charity. He said I'll offer you £3. I said we agreed £5 he wouldn't leave.
Now when I am selling stuff I ask the buyers if I could drop off but they alway want to come to my house .


  • _shel_shel Forumite
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     Any advice needed or was this just a story? 
    Don't Buy The S*n
  • twhitehousescattwhitehousescat Forumite
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    locate a shorter garden 
    Time pretending I was asleep whilst under his desk , has given me insight to this sordid world
  • KatrinaWavesKatrinaWaves Forumite
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    If you're gonna give the money to charity just cut out the middle man and give it straight to a charity shop, or just give them a fiver.
    Also how on earth would you pronounce anxxue. I'd forgive a keyboard mash at the best of times but you spelt it that way 8 times! I can't cope!
  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    To someone who won't leave " Please leave now"
  • 20102010 Forumite
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    hollydays said:
    To someone who won't leave " Please leave now"
    Or exit annex.
  • Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Tell them you've got diarrhoea.
    Don't harass a hippie. You'll get bad karma.
    Hate the multi post quote. Hate the stupid 21 "badges" in my profile. Complete waste of space needing to be scrolled past daily to find posts you've commented on. Badges? Is this the Brownies?
  • flicksflicks Forumite
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    Think I'd make sure the annex is secure! If I was paying a fiver for a DVD player I wouldn't
    want to see it working, I'd just take the gamble.
    Also if a complete stranger told ME that it would be quicker to go through my house he'd get his marching orders straight away.
    Sounds to me as if he was casing the joint and wanted to see what your had in your house as well as your annex.
  • edited 14 February at 1:40PM
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    edited 14 February at 1:40PM
  • tonyhendertonyhender Forumite
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    Sorry my phone has automatically added annxue in it dictionary. He wouldn't actually leave started touching other stuff for no reason. He even ask me why I was desparte for £5 and to take £3.  How much I wanted for the TV. How much I wanted for other stuff which was not even on sale. He even held the dvd player in his hand said here take £3. I said no he said you have nice house please give it. It took at least 45mins to make him leave .
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