also posted in DFW united utilities trust fund

hi not sure if this is the right place to post
my friend has been using this site that was given to her by some one else
apparently the small grants offered can be applied for by any one with debts within united ultilities and also gas and electrick there is a criteria an referee's are needed but apparently it not that hard
from the way its been explained to me an going off my friends situation it works like this

if you have out standing debts with water gas or electrick an possibly some others you can apply for a grant to help pay off the debt they dont pay you they pay the company direct my friend got her because of multiple problems that led her to fall behind an then to become severly in arears they wipe it all so you start from scratch

i thought it may be off help to some i know my self how much of a worry it is to be in debt just with the utilitie bills

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