Phone call from Nationwide regarding PPI claim

Hi all, new here so be gentle...
I have a couple of PPI claims in with Nationwide for a Credit Card and Mortgage.  Have received a few phone calls and messages from 0800 281801 (checks out as a Nationwide number) recently, messages have just said to "ring Greg on 01604 855921 regarding PPI".  I have googled this number and found nothing.  Online chat with Nationwide confirmed that 01604 numbers are Nationwide (which seems vague to me as 01604 is Northampton as far as I'm aware!).
I took the plunge and called the number against my better judgement and bloke answered saying "Nationwide" but it didn't sound like a call centre.  He said Greg was away but he'd take my name/number and get him to call.  He couldn't give me any more info.  All just sounded like one bloke in his bedroom not a large bank!

So, is this genuine?  And why are they ringing me?  Surely if they had any info they would be writing to me?  They have all the info in my application....


  • They don't have all the info in your application. There are very often things they need to confirm to support your complaint.

    If you ever have doubts about a number, then call on one you know is correct and get transferred.
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    Most banks and building societies have dedicated teams for handling PPI complaints.  Some have contracted in companies to help them rather than use existing staff.    Some of which may well work from home or in a much smaller office.

    Where your complaint is vague (such as not giving complaint reasons that are factual but wishy washy)  and they have found no evidence of wrong doing at their end, they are required to contact you and look at other potential areas that you may not have mentioned or they do not have the evidence on file to be able to rule it out automatically.     Effectively, they are giving you a chance to supply further information that may turn a rejection (which is how it currently stands) into an uphold.    If they had anything on file that indicated you had been missold, they would not need to contact you.
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    OK, thanks all.  To be fair I supplied all the info they asked for in the application and I think I have a very good case (certainly as good as my brother, who received compensation).  I did try to call the Nationwide main number but couldn't actually get through to a relevant department to confirm the number...
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    PleasantChap said:To be fair I supplied all the info they asked for in the application and I think I have a very good case (certainly as good as my brother, who received compensation). 
    You need to understand that your brother's case is completely irrelevant to yours and that the reason PPI complaints are upheld is often widely different from that which the complainant actually gives. 

    As "Son Of" says above, the Bank clearly needs clarification of some aspect of your complaint so ensure that you give it to them if you want success...
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