New build leaking water from roof. Developer now taking no responsibility

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help as I’m at my wits end.

Since Saturday when the storm hit us we have encountered a number of leaks. These have all steamed from the roof and also our balcony. 
The balcony leak (the worst) that has entered our kitchen had been notified to the developers before and they claimed this was fixed on a prior occasion. The roof leak has entered into a number of rooms (4 in total) only appearing since the storm.

The electrics also tripped for the majority of the house but they did send an electrician and saved our food.  

We have been in our property for 1 year and 3 months and expected the developers to repair this and over the weekend they confirmed someone would arrive this Wednesday. It has now transpired that a number of houses on our plot have the same leaks and after further conversations the developer is now not taking any responsibility. Can they do this??

The majority of us with leaks have the same build type. To us it looks like a defect or shoddy workmanship but as it’s only occurred  since the stormy weather we don’t know if the developers can wash there hands of it.

Thanks for any help

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