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Questions for Capita

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At my CAB we are to have a speaker from Capita, who conduct PIP and ESA assessments in our local area. We are going to have the opportunity to ask questions.
So far we have got
- do you have targets?
- why do so many of our clients tell us that the assessors’ reports are full of lies?

Any more ideas, please?


  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue
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    first one: can you make that a more open question: "what kind of targets do you have? Time to respond to enquiries / number of successes vs rejections / what else ..."

    You might want to re-word that second one: "Many of our clients find that the assessors' reports do not accurately report what they actually said. How does this happen?" I mean, you are professionals speaking to a fellow professional: try not to antagonise them before they start ...

    Another: "what qualifications do assessors have?" or "do all assessors have qualifications or expertise in the areas they are assessing?" 

    And "what initial training do assessors receive? How often is refresher training given?"
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  • Alice_HoltAlice_Holt
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    That's brave of the Capita employee !!

    At our local CAB, we regularly have successful PIP and WCA appeals from 0 points at assessment.
    I would like to know what feedback assessors get (if any) when the outcome from an assessors report is overturned at tribunal.
    Is the assessor (and DWP DM) made aware that their report was not credible in the eyes of the tribunal panel, and what subsequent training do they get.
    And, of course, some 74% of PIP appeals overturn the assessors / DWP DM decision. 

    It would also be interesting to hear if these recognised significant assessment flaws have resulted in any changes to wider Capita systems and methods of working.   

    BTW, I would also like to see the costs of the tribunal (and the representing charity) for flawed assessments borne by the private companies (who are turning a profit from these assessments).
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  • Newly_retiredNewly_retired
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    Excellent suggestions. Thank you
  • Spoonie_TurtleSpoonie_Turtle
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    I'd be interested to know what kind of ... I can't think of the word - monitoring, or auditing, maybe? there is for assessors. People in all other jobs have performance management / appraisals / reviews to make sure they're still doing their job well, and usually targets for continued improvement; I'd be interested to know if assessors have something similar, and if so, how robust it is. Also, what happens when people complain about their assessments and/or reports? What kind of disciplinary action is there, and if they are required to undergo further training, what kind of accountability is there afterwards to ensure the training was effective and is being put to use?
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