Claiming VAT from a BFPO delivery.

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Claiming VAT from a BFPO delivery.

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Recently ordered an iPad Pro and accessories from JD Williams to a BFPO address in Brunei. They do not refund the VAT but have supplied me with a VAT Receipt, is there a way i can claim this back from HMRC?


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    shame you did not push harder for them to zero rate it in the first place as that is the correct process
    https: //www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/vat-exports-of-goods-from-the-uk/vexp50600

    everything i have read says you cannot get a refund for mail order goods after the event 
    To claim a refund (vat refund retail export scheme) you have to export them in person as your own baggage and get paperwork stamped by HMRC at the airport as you pass through it 
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