Nationwide FlexPlus Phone Insurence reconditioned

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Nationwide FlexPlus Phone Insurence reconditioned

edited 8 February at 7:55AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
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bmouthboyobmouthboyo Forumite
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edited 8 February at 7:55AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
I have a flex plus account which I Includes phone insurance. I have purchased a reconditioned iPhone from a large company on eBay. Is it insured or do I need receipts from new?



  • LomcevakLomcevak Forumite
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    I'd ring them up and ask them - i've called the FlexPlus insurance people a few times with policy queries, and they've always been helpful.
    I've only used the phone insurance once (daughter dropped her iPhone) and it was very straightforward. They didn't ask for receipts at all in that case, although I had them.  
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    ozazozaz Forumite
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    I rang up Nationwide several months ago to ask if the insurance covers used phones. Was told it does but I don't have anything in writing and have never put it to the test.

    I would suspect it would be fine particularly since I have noticed many say they don't ask for receipts. They seem to take it on good faith that the customer is claiming on a device they own. Perhaps they only start asking for receipts if they suspect someone may be abusing the system.
  • MARTYM8`MARTYM8` Forumite
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    Bear in mind the high excess - often over £100 for some phones.
    So you may not get much back on a cheap reconditioned phone.
  • hillcatshillcats Forumite
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    Recently made my first claim when my daughter managed to drop and damage her iPhone X, no issues at all it was repaired and returned promptly and no request for the original Apple receipt of which I do have.
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  • blakemansarahblakemansarah Forumite
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    Worth it?
  • RN61RN61 Forumite
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    I have a flex plus account which I Includes phone insurance. I have purchased a reconditioned iPhone from a large company on eBay. Is it insured or do I need receipts from new?

    T&C do not exclude used phones, they are insured and I have made successful claims in the past. You may be asked for proof of purchase which I imagine eBay receipt would be okay for (I have never been asked). However. Per T&C update 12/19 the provider Lifestyle Services Group ['LSG'] can choose to REPAIR your phone - or REPLACE for identical model of Remanufactured standard - which should mean as good as new (sounds great!). But, I have current claim for VGC iPhone with broken charge port where LSG didn't even try to repair it, they just took my £75 excess plus postage and swapped it out for identical model - that had worse battery health and - a broken charge port! Two replacements of that replacement are even worse. Based on that, I don't think this insurance is good VFM for older mobile phones, Apple warranty and insurance on new phone is way better but hugely expensive. As to LSG, they seem to be providers for virtually every mobile phone insurance I've found..............
  • TharwebTharweb Forumite
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    My son's reconditioned iPhone was replaced like for like by LSG last September. We were not asked to provide a receipt, even though we had one. 
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  • lopsyfalopsyfa Forumite
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    To make it easier, you can register the mobile phone now at https://nationwide.lifestyleservicesgroup.co.uk
    My understanding is they will ask less question if it is a mobile phone that is already registered for some time on that website.
  • KarennnnnKarennnnn Forumite
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    I am having a problem with LSG in the same way , cracked screen , 8 weeks into new 2 year contract - took 75 pounds sent a shabby scratched one back - terrible people - actually refused to send back MY phone so i could repair it 
    LSG are a third party insurer for me  i actually have this insurance via my Co Op  Bank account and i am unsure who is responsible? i dont want a second hand phone i dont know what he battery life is like ? is it the bank or LSG?
    Plus i was Never once kept in the loop about my phone via LSG they never contacted me with a choice to have mine back or have a second hand one ? very frustrating  can anyone shed any light on this please 
    I have now been 2 weeks without a phone due to me sending back the rubbish they sent out to me.. another is on the way but god knows what state its going to be in  
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