Multiple PPI owed from one lender

I applied for a PPI refund from Barclays on the eve of the deadline via the tool on this website and Barclays wrote back to inform me that I’d taken out two sets of PPI with them. They included a (small) cheque to cover one PPI policy and confirmed that I’d had a second PPI policy on another loan with them. They also included some guidance how to claim the second PPI back via their website if I believed I had been miss sold this one too. I applied for refund via their website on the second PPI as advised but now they have replied to say that I applied after the deadline on this one so they won’t be paying out, case closed. Can they wriggle out of it like this? Is one PPI Claim only good for one PPI policy or should they pay out on all PPI policies? I wasn’t specific on the loan account in my original claim before the deadline as I no longer had my old statements to quote an account number (I’d had multiple bank accounts with Barclays) but I knew I had taken PPI one specific loan. I didn’t remember having PPI on the loan which they have paid out on which is insignificant in value compared to the one I knew about which they still owe me for. Can anyone advise me on best course of action from here?


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