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Hi guys have a small one man business which I have boot strapped for the past 8 months however I wanna expand faster and into more spaces currently I have a website that sells my product to the public.

I have turned over 19,000 from the start and only invested 500 at the start of my business.

I have looked at angel investors on a basic Google search got together a pitch on a site however they they ask for 299 to post there which I wasn't expecting.

What I am asking is does anyone know of any ideas or places that look to invest in small start ups with big ambitions or am I going to be charged for the privlage every place I find online


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    For a small one man business, if you can't raise funds through loans, re-mortgaging, family, etc., then you need to look at crowdfunding.

    Angel investors are only interested in big investments - usually hundreds of thousands as a minimum, as the "due diligence" checking they do is expensive, so low value investments just aren't viable for them.

    The "listing fee" you see will be just their way of weeding out the low value small businesses and time wasters.
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    Can you explain your business, its value, why it is investable, and the likely returns - together with cashflow projections / risks / threats - and obviously what you want to spend the money on all in two page of A4. It should also cover the structure - are you a company? a sole trader? what are you looking for debt? equity? What are you returning? If not, work on that first. You need an investment "teaser" and anyone serious about investing will want to see it. You should make sure this is very clear on what you. There are plenty of kick starter type crowdfunding websites that might help you if you are looking to offer product rather than a cash return. If you're looking for dragons-den style help, then go on dragons den. 
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